CBD Skin Care

Face Cream: Known as the flower of the sun, calendula is largely considered one of the most beneficial herbs in the plant kingdom. With a proven track record of providing legitimate health benefits, many people today use calendula-based products to heal and protect their skin. Without the need to worry about toxic or adverse effects, our CBD skin care products truly work and are safe to use with other medications. Consult your physician before using our CBD skin care products if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Muscle Relief: Our CBD muscle gel contains numerous essential oils that will feel great on your muscles and joints. Intended to help relieve inflammation and pain, our muscle gel is among the most potent CBD products on the market. Not only does it provide instant relief to your aches and pains, but our muscle gel also works to rebuild muscle tissue. If you’re dealing with painful muscle spasms, you’ll benefit from our highly soothing CBD muscle gel.

Lavender hand and Body lotion: Combining the finest organic lavender essential oils and full spectrum CBD, our lavender lotion is bound to leave your skin feeling more rejuvenated than ever. We’ve created the perfectly balanced aroma palette that contains the healing properties of CBD in conjunction with the soothing nature of lavender.