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Answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please reach out at any time, we are always happy to help.

Who will bill my credit card?

You will receive a charge from HoneyBHealthy8772422343

From what location is my order being shipped?

The majority of our orders are shipped from our shipping facilities in California.

What is your return policy?

Money back guarantee! You can find out more information on our guarantee page. 

How can I track my package

In most cases, we will post your tracking number immediately after your order has shipped via USPS. Track orders

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Having trouble with an order?

We are here to help! Please send us an email or reach on on the contact page and we will get you help. 

Email: [email protected]

What is CBD?
To define CBD simply, it is the acronym for cannabidiol and is one of the most well known chemical compounds found inside the cannabis plant aside from THC. Unlike THC however, cannabidoil does not produce the psychoactive effect that has become commonly associated with marijuana nor many of the other symptoms. In other words, they are both cannabinoids but one is distinctly separate from THC meaning that they are different substances.

Check out why our CBD is your best choice
We provide high-quality CBD products.

Domestically grown Hemp plants.

Use a Co2 extraction process to provide the cleanest plant extraction in the industry.

HoneyB creates all of our flavors naturally.

We encourage you to explore just what CBD is and what it may do for you. The web is full of information to help you explore CBD and its uses. Remember that here at PurehempLabs LTD our CBD is of the highest quality and controlled from seed to actual end product. We use the more expensive and cleaner extraction method C02 to help ensure the quality of our product.

Enjoy your journey…

Supports overall health that may boost the immune system, preserve digestive health and speed up cellular recovery. We have added it into our oral drops and skin care products.

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Money back guarantee!

Try our products, and if you’re not completely satisfied email us, and we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase upon the safe return of the unused portion.