Honey B Healthy Living


What makes Honey B Healthy Living CBD products one of the most sought-after CBD lines in the Nation. We would love to say it is simple but it is not. Honey B Healthy Living uses a Proprietary phytocannabinoid rich Industrialized Hemp (Typically in the 70-85% potency range) in all of our CBD products. We then utilize a process that allows us to completely remove the THC from our oil while leaving untouched the other naturally present synergistic cannabinoids and terpenoids undisturbed, this allows our Honey B Healthy living products to achieve the highly sought-after entourage effect.

Welcome to the Honey B Difference.

Honey B Healthy Living provides the absolute best quality CBD products in the industry.

While there are plenty of products on the market there are none that match the quality of Honey B Healthy Living. Our quality control process starts even before the plants go into the ground. Honey B Healthy Living is a completely vertically integrated company.

What does that mean?
We control the process starting with the genetics of the plants all the way through the Manufacturing of our finished goods.

It all starts with our 14,000 square foot propagation facility. This is where we breed high potency female CBD Hemp plants using state of the art aquaponics procedures. Once these clones are ready they are planted into our field next door and methodically care for until they are ready to harvest. Once harvested they are processed using Co2 extraction and further refined to remove any remaining THC. This process allows use to maintain the remaining cannabinoids as well as very important terpenes. Once this process is complete it is moved to our ISO 6 certified production facility where it will be formulated into all of our great Honey B products. Honey B Healthy Living utilizes ISO 9001 and cGMP standards. In addition, all of our products are formulated by our own in-house PhD Biochemist and formulated by our Master Compound Chemist using only Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Oil.

None of our products are made with Isolates.

This ensure that you are receiving the benefits from not only the CBD, but all of the available and valuable terpenes and remaining cannabinoids. When shopping around be sure to ask where your product is coming from. Where is it grown, where is it processed, where is it manufactured and to what standards. Also ask if you can take a look their facilities. When quality counts you can always depend on Honey B Healthy Living. It is important to us to always be transparent so that you know exactly where and how your product is being manufactured and to what standard.

We have searched out the highest quality essential oils in the world as well as the highest quality carrier oils.

What most companies don’t understand is that you can have a great raw CBD oil but if it is not delivered into your system correctly it will not work effectively. At Honey B Healthy Living we are constantly developing new and better ways to increase the effectiveness of CBD products in order to consistently get the best results in the industry. It is our commitment that Honey B Healthy Living will always provide the highest quality, best-tasting product on the market while providing unmatched customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, feel free to ask the many customers that are already experiencing the quality of Honey B Healthy Living Products.